Student Affairs

Housing and Residence Life

A far cry from traditional dorm life, Neumont housing offers affordable, furnished, apartment-style living close to campus. Student activities find a nucleus here. See for more information.

All housing is fully furnished, including:

  • Laundry facilities
  • Couches
  • Beds
  • Studios, one, and two bedroom apartments
  • Shared by up to four students.

Student Advising

Advising encompasses several important areas of student life. The school advises and assists students in course selection and registration, dropping and adding courses, and meeting graduation requirements.


The goal of the library is twofold:

  • Serve the information needs of students and faculty members of Neumont University 
  • Offer users the convenience and flexibility of a ubiquitous digital library infrastructure, which delivers library materials to the desktop

The library achieves these goals by using on-line library services. Traditional resources include both journal publications and general periodicals. The online library hosts subscription-based databases, online books, journals, technical reports, reference tools, and other information products. Users have 24-hour availability from campus or remote locations. The University’s library is overseen by the librarian and the chief academic officer, which works with faculty to ensure that library collection remains current.

Information about the library is available online at:

Career Services

The Office of Career Services assists graduates in identifying potential career paths, a positive self-image, technical competencies, and career expectations. Upon completion of the program, Neumont University will assist graduates in locating career opportunities in their field of study. We have established strong relationships with potential employers and foster these relationships as they help us identify what the industry considers necessary technologies and valuable skills for the success of our graduates.

Although Neumont University does not, in any way, guarantee employment, it is the goal of the University to help our graduates realize a high degree of personal and professional development and successful employment.

More information about the career services program can be found in the Results section of