The mission of Neumont University is to provide a professional education that is rich in ideas, current in industry practices, and deep in technological insight from the input of industry-leading partners.

We are committed to: a collaborative learning process, a quality learning environment, contributing broadly to students’ lives, and bringing value to the enterprises with whom we partner.

Neumont graduates will be known for their technology expertise and business acumen, their capacity to innovate, and their motivation to succeed.

Neumont Values:

  1. Keep Promises To Students
    1. Actively support comprehensive growth and learning
    2. Refine and improve the learning experience every quarter
    3. Use systems to assure a consistent and complete educational experience
    4. Apply high standards fairly and universally
    5. Recognize employment at graduation as the highest affirmation of success
  2. Deliver Value To Employers
    1. Listen and respond to employer needs
    2. Connect students and employers for long term benefit to both
    3. Collaborate to build effective educational programs
    4. Educate to support career progression for graduates 
  3. Practice Financial Responsibility
    1. Focus resources on achieving our stated Mission
    2. Teach financial responsibility as a life-time value
  4. Model An Effective Work Culture
    1. Demonstrate overtly ethical practices in all interactions
    2. Communicate openly with all constituents
    3. Support purposeful improvement, innovation, and change
    4. Build a collegial and professional environment