Certificate in Web Development


The Certificate in Web Development program focuses on the tools, technologies, and techniques needed to design, implement, and maintain modern interactive and dynamic websites. The curriculum engages students in the latest technologies used to fuel the continual growth and transformation of the internet. Students will gain experience in software development, methodologies, UI and experience design, quality assurance, graphic design, media design, and more. In addition, they will accumulate significant experience in projects both individually and in teams. 

Students earning this certificate will have gained experience in a variety of roles in the software development life-cycle through projects and other coursework. Entry level positions include front-end developer, website designer, user experience designer, quality assurance professional and server-side developer.

Program Overview

Students participate in courses that are taught using active learning methods. Teaching techniques include lectures, class discussions, debates, student presentations, individual and group activities, creative assessments, various labs and assignments, and more. Additionally, students work individually and in teams on supervised projects in which they apply related concepts. The program is 3 quarters in length and requires a minimum of nine months to complete at half-time status.

Students completing the program online will be required to have access to the following equipment for the duration of the program:

A desktop or laptop computer with a minimum:

  • Core i5 processor
  • 4GB of memory
  • 256GB hard drive
  • Keyboard and mouse you are comfortable using for extended periods of time
  • Monitor with 1920 x 1080 or greater resolution
  • Running Windows 10 or Mac OS Sierra
  • Streaming web camera
  • Microphone and speaker system (preferably in a headset)

Access to a high speed internet connection with a minimum:

  • 5mbps download
  • 1mbps upload
  • 100 Gigabyte data cap or higher
  • Preferably a wired connection (DSL, Cable, or Fiber)

Program Objectives

Graduates of the Certificate in Web Development program are expected to be able to:

  • Model best practices and processes involved in developing software.
  • Design effective webpages and websites using standardized interfaces and proper user flow
  • Develop dynamic web-based systems using modern languages and integrated development environments
  • Recognize the impact of business decisions and implications in software development.
  • Utilize technical and nontechnical expertise to problem solve and communicate in team-based, collaborative environments.

Certificate in Web Development Program Requirements

Required Web Development Courses (24 credits)

CSC110Introduction to Computer Science

4 credits

CSC210Introduction to Web Presentation & Development

2 credits

DBT130Databases I

4 credits

PRO100Introductory Software Projects

2 credits

MTM282Interactive Web Development

4 credits

NEU200Career Readiness

2 credits

MTM320Advanced Web Scripting

4 credits

And complete one of the following:

PRA100Practicum I

2 credits

PRO150Web-Based Software Projects

2 credits